Florida: Mission Everglades
Zoo Miami
Miami, Florida

Florida: Mission Everglades, Zoo Miami’s spectacular new celebration of the Sunshine State’s most precious and threatened environment, invites guests to explore the ecology, biology, and wildlife of South Florida through live animal exhibits, immersive environments, and hands-on interactive opportunities. Interpretive experiences integrate natural history and cultural heritage themes, addressing the complex interactions between humans and the natural world in a state that has long been a destination for visitors – people, animals, and plants alike.

Live animal and habitat exhibits anchor the overall experience and focus on charismatic keystone species such as alligator, crocodile, river otter, bald eagle, black bear, and Florida panther. At the project’s entrance, guests discover the essential importance of rainfall to the Everglades ecosystem when raindrops from a simulated thunderstorm drum onto the corrugated metal roof overhead. A constructed gator hole illustrates the animals’ key role in shaping the Everglades environment. And at the panther enclosure, guests try their hands at tracking the movements in the wild of these wide-ranging apex predators.

Project Partners

PJA Architects + Landscape Architects
landscape architect and animal exhibit design