ABQ BioPark
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Main Street is providing interpretive planning and design for the ABQ BioPark's new Asia habitat zone, a major expansion of the zoo's footprint and exhibit offerings. The exhibit ranges across the entire continent, from Indonesia to Japan's northernmost islands, featuring orangutans, siamangs, Malayan tigers, snow leopards, and Steller's sea eagles.

Project interpretation focuses on two key conservation issues in the region: habitat loss and wildlife trafficking. Consistent with the BioPark's mission of telling integrated stories of wildlife, plants, and people, interpretive experiences explore these critical concerns from multiple perspectives: local residents, researchers and scientists, and environmental activists. Showcasing the BioPark's partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, exhibits explore positive, science-based strategies for addressing environmental problems.

Experience features include a whole-body "brachiation challenge" playscape, hands-on interactives highlighting key adaptions of all five display species, and an immersive "field camp" environment that invites guests to conduct simulated bio-assessments of an adjacent study plot.

Project Partners

CLR Design
enclosure and habitat design
Hartman Majewski Design Group
architecture and engineering
landscape architecture