Aquarium at Port Canaveral
Brevard Zoo
Cape Canaveral, Florida

Building upon their exceptional record of providing guests with opportunities for engaging, effective hands-on conservation action, the Brevard Zoo is planning a major new public aquarium focused on the unique ecology and culture of Florida’s Indian River Lagoon.

Hands-on, whole body immersive experiences abound, start even before guests enter the building. A constructed dune formation in the Aquarium’s forecourt calls attention to critical coastline conservation concerns while providing delightful discoveries and activities. Inside the Locks building, guests view what happens underwater through a huge tank representing the connection between the Atlantic Ocean with the Indian River Lagoon. Accompanying interactivity includes two water tables that demonstrate the linkage from the Banana River to the locks to the port and the ocean beyond, as well as a young children’s soft play area that represents a natural marine environment.

Along the shore of the Banana River, shaded exploration stations offer opportunities to help rebuild oyster reefs, track endangered sea turtles, evaluate water quality, or restore important coastal mangrove habitat.

Project Partners

HHCP Architects