In Schematic Design we further develop each of the core themes and ideas identified during the Concept Development phase, with a particular focus on articulating and documenting specific exhibits or experiences. A special emphasis during this phase is on content development and coordination with our client’s educational programs and activities.

During Schematic Design we delineate content priorities, educational goals and objectives, and individual conceptual directions for each of the project’s major exhibits or interpretive experiences. The collaborative process initiated during Concept Development continues, with workshops accompanied by follow-up documentation serving as the framework for our efforts. Products developed include an interpretive program outline and worksheets, preliminary audiovisual program and interactive multimedia component descriptions, revised location and circulation drawings and program plans, new and revised illustrative sketches and renderings, and preliminary graphic design directions. Also during this phase, a revised project schedule, phasing recommendations, and schematic design-level implementation cost estimates for all proposed components are developed.